I WAS born on the twenty-ninth day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, and of the independence of the United States the eightieth. The interesting event occurred in Boston. A pewter mug, richly embossed in tin, was given me by my uncle.

II. My father's name used to be Thomas O'Donohue. I don't know what it is now. He is a man of leisure, and at present boards at the granite building near the Medical School. My mother's name was Bridget before her marriage, and is still, I think. They were married in 1856.

III. I don't know about any immediate ancestors; but everybody knows that the O'Donohues go back to one of the Kings of Ireland. For further details see any History of Ireland.

IV. and V. I early showed a great taste for the literature of the past, and longed to fit for college. Neither my father nor Father Reilly wished me to go to the Public Schools, on account of the low standard of social position. I studied by myself. By blacking boots, I earned enough to buy Bohn's translation of the Iliad, and was entranced with the beauty of that noble poem. I entered in 1876, and since then I have done nothing but study. I have left college only once, and that was on St. Patrick's Day, when my father's society gave a free lunch.

VI. I am still here.


VII. In my youth I wrote a metrical version of Todhunter's Algebra, that was much admired, and in college I have written a series of Essays on various subjects. They are bound in blue, and are to be found at the Secretary's office. I organized the Philomusagothespian Society; but, owing to lack of support from the College, the Society was obliged to disband. At first I boarded with my cousin Mr. Connors; but, for the last year, I have taken a suite of rooms in College House. My best friend was the President of the Porcelain Club. I did not know him very intimately, but I saw him constantly at a distance.

VIII. My electives have been principally in Hebrew and Sanscrit, though this year I have taken some of the Graduate Courses for amusement.

IX. The most remarkable journey I ever took was last spring between Weld and Matthews.

X. I intend to be President of the United States: or, if not that, I shall be an Indian Agent.

XI. My name is Patrick Clary Finnigan Conor O'Donohue.

DECEMBER 13, 1879