IN the spring the saffron snowdrifts vanish, - all but one or two;

In the spring the frequent puddle tarnishes the well-blacked shoe;

In the spring the hardy oarsman tempts the Charles's turbid stream,

And Memorial boarders revel in their Tuesday night ice-cream;

In the spring the coatless Connor strives to stop you on the stairs;


In the spring the most determined cutter has to go to prayers;

In the spring the busy Borsair swings the care-dispelling bat,

Till, like Alice' luckless hatter, people "wonder what he's at";

In the spring the passive poco tempts you with a dollar note,

Gazing with a greedy longing at your gorgeous winter coat;

In the spring the thoughtful Senior ever dreams of his degree,

And my thoughts, O Araminta, naturally turn to thee!