THE Spring Races will take place on Saturday, May 17, at 10 A. M., over the Charles River course. The race for Senior Scullers will come first; prize, a solid silver cup. The Junior Scullers will come next; prize, a silver-plated cup. No one can row in this race who has ever rowed before in a race open to all, whether under college auspices or not. The distance will be one mile straight-away, instead of one mile and a half with turn, as previously announced. The third race will be for class eight-oared shells, open to all classes and departments of the University. Distance, two miles straight-away, instead of three miles with turn, as previously announced. Prizes, silk flags and solid silver cups for the members of the winning crew.

These races will be rowed under the following rules:-

1. The races shall be started in the following manner: The starter, on being satisfied that the boats are ready, and on the line, shall start them by the words, Are you ready? 3 seconds. Go!

2. If the starter considers the start false, he shall again recall the boats to their stations, and any boat refusing to start again shall be disqualified.

3. Any boat not on the line five minutes after the time named shall be liable to be disqualified.


4. The Referee may act as starter if he thinks fit; when he does not so act, the starter shall be subject to the Referee.

5. Each boat shall keep its own water throughout the race, and any boat departing from its own water will do so at its peril.

6. A boat's own water is a straight course, parallel to those of the other competing boats, from the station assigned to it at starting to the finish.

7. No fouling shall be allowed, and any boat committing the foul shall be disqualified.

8. A foul shall be considered to have been committed when, after the race has commenced, any competitor shall, by his oar, person, or boat, come in contact with the oar, person, or boat of any other competitor, unless, in the opinion of the Referee, such contact has been so slight as not to influence the result of the race.

9. In case of a foul the Referee shall have power to do one of two things: 1. To place the boats (except the boat committing the foul and disqualified) in the order in which they come in; 2. To order the race to be rowed over again, excluding the boat committing the foul.

10. Every boat shall abide by its accidents.

11. In turning races the turn shall be made by single shells by holding with the left hand and rowing with the right.

12. The Referee has entire control of the races, and his decision is final. Any competitor refusing to abide by his decision shall be disqualified.

N. B. All entries must be made on or before May 10, in writing, addressed to the Vice-President of the H. U. B. C.

Entrance-fee of $15 for each eight. Entrance-fee of $5 for each single in the Senior race. Entrance fee of $2 for each single in the Junior race.

All entries must be accompanied by the entrance fee.

The rent due on the eight-oared shells used in the race must be paid before the day of entering.

Any crew or person not complying with the above conditions will not be allowed to row.