TICKETS to the Yard were issued yesterday.

THE Crew rowed on time last Wednesday.

THE Bursar intends to go abroad this summer.

CHURCH and prayer certificates are due next Monday.

NO more games with Princeton can be played this season.

SIXTY-EIGHT members of the Senior Class intend to become lawyers.

SENIORS are requested to send in their Class lives as soon as possible.

Class of '78 will entertain the Class of '79 at Commencement, in 9 Holworthy.

REV. DR. PEABODY is expected to preach at Newport during the summer.

THE papers and magazines that belong to the Reading Room are for sale.

PROFESSOR C. C. EVERETT is to be the Orator at Commencement at Bowdoin.

IT is an "unwritten rule of the Faculty" that to whisper in Chapel is a criminal offence.

THERE were 355 Senior and 375 Junior candidates at the Oxford local examinations for women.

THE Signet Strawberry Night will be held at the Society rooms on Monday evening at eight o'clock.

THE University Crew will leave for New London on the evening of the 19th inst., by the Providence road.

MR. HOWARD M. TICKNOR, Instructor in Elocution, has been nominated U. S. Consul at Carrara, Italy.