THE Annual Sports of McGill College (Canada) Athletic Association took place on Oct. 28 last, proving highly successful. By invitation, three Harvard representatives attended the meeting, and every thing possible was done by the McGill men to make them feel welcome. The morning was devoted to events like the hammer, shot, jumping, &c.;, which often become tedious, owing to the large number of trials required, leaving the afternoon entirely free for the running and walking races, which called forth a much larger assemblage of spectators. Wendell, '82, succeeded in winning the 100-yards dash in 10 1/3 sec., thus bettering the American College record at that distance, held formerly by Mr. H. H. Lee, of the University of Pennsylvania, who was credited with 10 1/5 sec. at the Intercollegiate Sports in 1878. Wendell also won the 220-yards in 25 2/5 sec.; Murray, of McGill, coming in a good second.

THE first annual field meeting of the Brookline Athletic Club took place on their grounds at Cypress Street, Brookline, last Saturday, and proved, on the whole, successful. The management, however, was at times inefficient. The result was that the first contest was not called until after 3 o'clock P.M., instead of 2 o'clock, as advertised, and the last three or four contests had to be run in darkness so great the contestants were totally indistinguishable one from another. Wendell, '82, won the 100-yards and the 1/4-mile run, the former of which, however, he nearly lost, through the track at the start being so loose that he slipped and nearly fell, giving his contestants at least six yards the advantage of him. He caught the leader, however, only about five yards from the tape, F. A. Thompsen (formerly of Harvard, '82) finishing a good second. Thompsen also took second prize in the hammer, with a record of 81 ft. 11 1/2 in.; and in the hop, step, and jump, with 40 ft. 9 in. to his credit. E. E. Merrill, the champion amateur walker of America, at one and three miles, started at scratch in the 2-mile (handicap) walk, but being over-handicapped, as well as out of condition, was only able to finish third. The race was won by Hosmer of the Boston Athletic Club (90 seconds start), in 16 min. 16 sec. H. W. Carnes, of the Brookline Athletic Club, won the mile-run in 4 min. 56 sec.; which, considering the condition of the track, was an excellent performance. When the officers of the Association have had a little more experience, so that their arrangements will run a little more smoothly, the games of this Club ought to compare most favorably with those of the Union Athletic Club, the only other desirable athletic organization in Boston.

APPENDED will be found a comparative table of records made at this year's fall meetings of the seven colleges mentioned in the table. Neither Harvard nor Princeton will hold any field meeting this fall, so that their records cannot be added to the table. The Columbia records at the 100-yards, 220-yards, 1/4-mile, and 1-mile runs, and the mile-walk, cannot be fairly compared with the performances at the other colleges, as the former were all made by men who had more or less handicap given them. We have omitted the records at the hammer from this table, owing to the fact that hammers of different weights were used in nearly every case, so that a fair comparison would be impossible. The standing broad-jump at Williams must have been made with weights, as otherwise it would be a best-on-record. The only event in which the best American College record is beaten (unless it turns out that this latter record is correct) is the 100-yards dash in the McGill Sports, as mentioned above in the account of those sports.

Amherst. Columbia. Dartmouth. McGill.

M.S. M.S. M.S. M.S.

100-Yards Dash. 10 7/8 10 2-5 10 1/3 10 1/8 *

220-Yards Dash. 24 1-5 23 3/4 25 2-5

1/4-Mile Run 58 1/9 55 56 60 3/4

1/2-Mile Run 2 24 3/8 2 15 2-5 2 10 3/4 2 21

1-Mile Run 5 32 5/8 5 39 3-5 5 37 1/2 5 19

1-Mile Walk 8 53 3/8 7 54 1/2 8 23

120-Yards Hurdle 212-5 18 1/4

Unit. of Penn. Williams. Yale.

M.S. M.S. M.S.

11 1/8 10 3/4 10 3/4

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