THERE are ninety-one American students at the University of Berlin.

BULLETIN boards have been placed in the entries of Weld and Matthews.

THE success and sale of the "Little Tin-Gods-on-Wheels" has been remarkable.

HARVARD speaks for Bayard, and Yale for Ulysses. Has Yale forgotten Homer so soon?

THE University Crew went out on the river last Tuesday, February 17, for the first time.


PROF. C. C. EVERETT will lecture next Monday evening, in Boylston Hall, on "The Comic."

PROF. GOODWIN continued, Wednesday evening, his reading from the "Frogs of Aristophanes."

THE bill to make non-residents of Massachusetts eligible for Overseers has passed the Lower House.

THE appraisers of the estate bequeathed to the College by the late Walter Hastings estimate it at $632,425.74.

PROF. JAMES'S lecture on "A Defence of Faith" was largely attended last Monday, and proved very interesting.

THE third eight from '81 in the H. E. are, Abbe, Brinsmade, Farnsworth, Fernald, Hadley, Haines. Hooker, E. B. Lane.

THE University Boat Club has several desirable row-boats for sale. Full particulars may be had by applying at 15 Holworthy.

THE following gentlemen from '81 have been elected in the Signet: Greene, Seaver, A. S. Thayer, Wade, Wheeler, Worcester.

THE subjects for the next theme in Junior A are: The Character of Sydney Carton; The Character of Henry V.; The Character of Henry Esmond; The Character of Daniel Deronda.

THE fourth in the series of concerts by the Philharmonic Orchestra will be given next Wednesday evening. Mme. Rive-King is on the programme for St. Saen's Concerto in G minor.