MY lady's name is soft as western wind,

That o'er bloom-brightened meadows plays,

Dear as rare flowers by dusty ways,

And sweet as rose with honeysuckle twined, -

My lady's name!


No syllables that rhyming lovers find

When each one sings his mistress' praise,

And worded music duty pays,

Loved as her name!

The modest thrush, that far from human kind

Thrills lonely woods through summer days,

Has ne'er, in his melodious lays,

A note so musical as this designed,

This small sweet word that on my heart is lined, -

My lady's name!

IF the various spellings of the name borne by our Chinese professor could be collected, they would form a large and extensive volume; the following specimen is from the College Argus: "Prof. Ko Kun Hun receives a salary of $200 per month. He has seven little ko-ku-nuts in his family."

THE Finance Club lectures are as follows: Feb. 26, Col. T. W. Higginson, "Young Men in Politics." March 4, E. Atkinson, Esq., "The Railway System of the United States considered as a Factor in the Polity of Great Britain and America." March 11, E. Atkinson, Esq., "A National Banking System Essential to the Effective Working of the Railway Service, and to the Subsistence of the People." March 18, Gamaliel Bradford, Esq., "The Modern Use and Abuse of Credit." Lectures begin, in Boylston Hall, at 7.30 P.M. Tickets free, to be had at Sever's, or of members of the Club.