All knowing anybody who knows anything about Harvard are requested to contribute to this column. Contributors will receive a marked copy of the Crimson.

R. B. Hayes, who is himself a Harvard graduate, was elected President in 1876.

Mr. Michael Martin, generally known under the soubriquet of "Dirty Mike," would have entered Harvard if he had not been prevented by circumstances over which he had no control.

Mrs. Lucy Stone would have been a graduate of the Annex if it were not for the anachronism.

Romulus Adolphus Simpkins, Ph. D, '75, has been presented with an elegant gold badge by his fellow-conductors of the South Boston R. R.


Forty-seven of the supernumeraries of the Boston Theatre are undergraduates of Harvard University.

Bunt Nedline, '48, has received a glowing tribute from the Squashtown Weekly Bugle on his last production, "The Red Revenger; or, The Pirate King of the Floridas."

J. Q. Sellontherise, '45, bought two shares of the Bell Telephone last week.

It was mentioned in our last that George Washington was an instance of a rowing man who became distinguished in after life. This mistake arose from the fact that a Mr George graduated in 1741, and a Mr. Washington graduated in 1763. Neither of these men were on the crew, but from the resemblance of other men to some men, and each to one another, the mistake was unavoidable.

Mr. H. K. Barnard did not graduate from Harvard College, and by a curious coincidence, neither did his father, nor his grandfather, nor any of his relations, but his grandson expects to be a member of '86.

A FIRST tenor is wanted for the Glee Club.

ALL Seniors who have not already sat for their photographs are urged to do so before the end of next week.

NOTWITHSTANDING reports to the contrary, the second Freshman eight are still hard at work in the Gymnasium.

THE remaining lectures under the auspices of the Philosophical Club will be given at Boylston Hall, on Monday evenings, at 7.30 P.M., as follows: Feb. 25. Prof. C. C. Everett, "The Comic." March 1. Mr. F. E. Abbot: "Philosophy the Guide of Life." March 8. Prof. G. H. Palmer: "Progress in Philosophy." Tickets obtainable from members of the club, and at 45 Holyoke.

THE following gentlemen were awarded Bowdoin prizes: W. A. Smith, '80, for a dissertation on "The Career of Garibaldi," a prize of $75; A. Jaretzki, '81, for a dissertation on "Greek Learning in Italy in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries," a prize of $75; J. A. Johnson, '81, for a dissertation 'on "The Progress of Knowledge concerning Ancient Egypt in the last Twenty Years," a prize of $50. The award for Classes III. and IV. is not yet made.