THE following entries for the Intercollegiate Sports at Mott Haven, on May 29, next, are here published for the first time. The entries from the N. Y. College (if there are any) are the only ones which are not inserted, as they could not be obtained in time to publish with this issue, but all the others will be found appended. Harvard's entry list is large this year, and we can confidently expect to see our representatives carry off more prizes than have ever before been brought back to Cambridge from an Intercollegiate Field Meeting. It is to be hoped that as many of the students as possible will accompany the Team to Mott Haven, as the sight of familiar faces, and the feeling that their success is a matter of interest to the College at large, will go far towards encouraging our athletes, and spurring them on to their best efforts.


S. L. Irons, '81 Brown

R. Metcalf, '81 Brown

H. P. Case, '83 Columbia


* R. H. Sayre, '81 Columbia

W. H. Herrick. '82 Harvard

H. R. Hoyt, '83 Harvard

L. O. Emrich, '82 Lehigh


S. L. Irons, '81 Brown

O. De Forest, '82 Columbia

W. T. Lawson, 82 Columbia

T. Flint, Jr., '80 Dartmouth

R. T. Morrow, '82 Lehigh