THE first of the series of Class Athletic Meetings was held on Monday last, and proved fairly successful. The attendance was good, as it has been at all of them, and we were glad to see that, with one exception, every man whose name was entered appeared and covered his distance. The running high jump was contested by Messrs. G. B. Morrison and A. C. Denniston, the former of whom, although jumping in very good form, fell out after clearing 5 ft. 1 1/2 in., and left the victory to Denniston, who succeeded in getting over 5 ft. 7 1/2 in., thus beating the best previous Harvard record by 4 1/2 in., and falling only 3/4 of an inch below the best American record. Messrs. G. E. Beals, S. Coolidge, and M. Earle appeared for the quarter-mile run, which Beals secured with ease in 56 1/2 sec., after leading all the way, with Coolidge a good second, and Earle 20 yards behind. The hammer throwing also fell to Denniston with a record of 62 ft., Kip, his only competitior, failing to better 57 ft. 10 in. The mile-run was secured easily by G. Morrison in 5 min. 14 7/8 sec., with G. E. Lowell 75 yards behind. Lowell clung to the winner very well until into the last lap, when he found himself unable to respond to Morrison's spurt, and finished as above. Winthrop also started, but fell out at the end of the first lap. In putting the shot, Messrs. Denniston, Baxter, and Kip appeared, the latter, however, proving the winner with a throw of 31 ft. 3 in., 2 ft. 5 in. below Curger's put of last spring. Baxter took second place with 31 ft., while Denniston did not succeed in covering more than 26 ft. 11 in. E. K. Butler, Jr., had a walk over in the 100-yards dash, and although running very well for the first fifty yards, lost his form toward the end and finished in 11 3/4 seconds. He could have done much better with some one to press him. Denniston secured the running broad jump, placing 17 ft. 10 3/4 in. to his credit, Morrison failing to do better than 17 ft. 1 3/4 in In the hurdles, Denniston had a walk over, and started to make a record, but, stumbling on his ninth hurdle, gave up the attempt, and finished easily in 22 1/2 seconds.

THE JUNIOR MEETING.THE Junior Meeting on Wednesday was inaugurated by the hammer throwing, in which Mr. W. Freeland was successful, with a throw of 62 ft. ??? in., only an inch ahead of Denniston's record of Monday. Mr. W. Watson was second, with a record of 56 ft. 8 in. The quarter-mile run had nine entries, and was run in trial heats, the first two in each trial to run in the final. The first trial was won easily by H. Elliott in 57 3/4, with C. H. W. Foster second, and F. S. Williams third. O. Mueller and E. W. Brewer were distanced. In the second heat, R. Sturgis was an easy winner, with J. K. Swinburne second, and C. M. Hemenway third. The final was won by Elliott in 56 7/8 seconds, after a very pretty race, Foster and Sturgis almost tying for second place; it was given, however, to the latter. Swinburne was about 5 yards in the rear. The running high jump brought out Sturgis again and J. L. Paine, the former clearing 5 ft. 1/2 in., and then stopping, on Paine's failure to accomplish the same. The 100-yards dash was a pretty race between C. Stetson and P. R. Evarts, the former winning by about 2 ft. in 10 7/8 seconds. Evarts was left at the start, and, although running very prettily, could not quite catch Stetson, who finished with some in hand. Evarts will, however, run in the final on Saturday, C. H. Taft was a poor third. The mile-run was the prettiest contest of the day, and resulted in a dead heat between Messrs. A. Thorndike and J. S. Bell in the excellent time of 4 min., 50 1/8 sec., the best previous Harvard record being 4 min. 56 sec., made by Bell last spring. Their styles were noticeably different, Thorndike striking a long swinging gait, while Bell took a short, quick step, and apparently labored much more than his opponent. They will both run on Saturday, and are both entered for Mott Haven likewise, so we may expect to hear still better accounts of one or both of them before the 1st of June next.

THE SENIOR SOPHOMORE MEETINGS.OWING to the number of walk overs in the Senior and Sophomore events, it was decided to hold the meetings conjointly yesterday afternoon. The programme commenced with the Seniors' 100-yard dash in which Messrs. Keene and Hawes appeared, the former proving an easy winner in 11 1/4 sec., Hawes about 8 yards behind. Messre. A. L. Hall and R. N. Ellis appeared for the Seniors' mile run, which proved a most exciting contest. The men kept together until the very end, Ellis, however covering much more than his distance by running beside his man on the outside instead of leading or following him. Hall eventually reached the tape about a yard ahead in 5 min. The Sophomores' quarter-mile came next and brought out Messrs. Allen and Wendell, the latter taking the lead at first and keeping it throughout and finishing easily in 5 3/4 sec., Allen ran very pluckily, however, and finished a good second. The Sophomore mile-walk found a winner in W. A. Herrick, who covered the distance in 8 min. 18 sec., Hoyt dropping out on the first lap, and Luce distanced. The 100-yard dash for Sophomores was secured by Wendell in 10 5/8 sec., Perrin a good second, and Haupt about 5 yards in the rear. The sports closed with a walk over for Haupt in the hurdle race, after which the spectators dispersed to speculate on the results of Saturday's contests. The contestants for Saturday are as follows: -


100-Yards Dash. - F. B. Keene, '80, C. Stetson, '81, P. R. Evarts, '81, E. S. Perin, '82, F. S. Houston, '82, E. J. Wendell, '82, and E. R. Butler, '83.

Quarter-Mile Run. - E. S. Hawes, '80, H. Elliott, '81, R. Sturgis, '81, C. H. W. Foster, '81, E. J. Wendell, '82, and G. W. Beals. '83.

1-Mile Run. - R. N. Ellis, '80, A. L. Hall, '80, J. S. Bell, '81, A. Thorndike, '81, T. C. Thacher, '82, and G. B. Morrison, '83.

120. Yards Hurdle. - F. B. Keene, '80, F. S. Haupt, '82, A. C. Dennison, '83.

1-Mile Walk. - F. C. Huidekoper, '80, W. H. Herrick, '82.

Running High Jump. - F. B. Keene, '80, R. Sturgis, '81, A. C. Denniston. '83.

Running Broad Jump. - C. P. Paine, '81, F. H. Thompson, '82, A. C. Denniston, '83.

Throwing the Hammer. - F. B. Keene, '80, W. Freeland, '81, F. H. Thompson, '82, A. C. Denniston, '83.

Putting the Shot. - F. B. Keene, '80, W. Freeland, '81, F. H. Thompson, 82, C. H. Kip, '83.

220-yards and 1/2-mile are open races.