THE steam launch came Tuesday.

THE O. K. Strawberry Night is June 23.

THE H. H. Graduates' Night will be on the 24th.

THE Signet Strawberry Night will be on the 21st.

THE Thayer entries are to be heated next year!


THE receipts of the Glee Club Concert amounted to about $ 400.

THE Finance Club medals will be ready for members next Monday.

THE Yale Crew is in much need of a steam launch, and effort is being made by friends in New York to buy one.

TO A FOOL.To read thy mind is difficult, I ween.

Not from its depth, but since, like turbid streams,

It is so muddy, bottom can't be seen,

Hid by the shapes one sees in silly dreams.

THE second eight of the O. K. were initiated last Wednesday evening.

BOTH the 'Varsity and the Freshman Crews have gone back to their shells.