WE would correct the statement in our Sporting Column of October 14, in regard to the 2-mile bicycle record. The telegram announcing Smith's performance was incorrect, as we discovered too late to prevent the error being printed. The best record at the event is still 6 min 27 sec., by W. S. Clark, New York Bicycle Club, at the American Institute Rink, New York, Feb. 14, 1880.

Yale has found a good man for short distance running in Brooks, '85, who at their fall meeting on October 19, ran 100 yards in 10 1/4 sec., and 220 yards in 23 1/8 sec.; the latter being the best American College record at the distance; the best previous record being 23 1-5 sec., by Wendell of Harvard, at the Intercollegiate Meeting at Mott Haven on May 28, 1881.

We cannot quite see on what the Spirit's Yale correspondent bases the remark with which he ends his account of the meeting, that "the general result of the games promises well for Yale at Mott Haven next spring," as none of the other records made were as good as those made at the average meeting, with the exception of the hammer throwing, which, although fair (82 feet), was nevertheless made by a postgraduate, who, not being an undergraduate, is not eligible to compete at Mott Haven. We do not say that they have not the material at New Haven to do well at the next Intercollegiate, we merely say we do not see how any one can assume it from the general result of their last meeting.

From the results of the fall meetings at the other colleges we give the following list of good performances which should encourage those who made them to hope, perhaps, for a place at least in the different competitions at Mott Haven next May: -

At the Dartmouth College Games at Hanover, on October 5 and 6, C. W. Oakes, '82, won one heat of the 120-yards hurdle race in 18 1/2 sec., and the running broad jump with a record of 19 ft. 8 in.

At the Games of Lehigh University, on October 13, at Bethlehem, Pa., the best American College record at the pole jump was beaten by F. W. Dalrymple, '83, who cleared 9 ft. 7 in.; the best previous record being that of R. Tewksbury, Princeton, who cleared 9 ft. 4 in. at the Intercollegiate Meeting, Mott Haven, May 29, 1880.

There were no performances worthy of mention at the Williams College Athletic Club Games, on October 17; although B. F. Yates, '82, showed himself a good general athlete by winning six out of the fifteen events on the programme.

At the Amherst College Games, on October 19, E. M. Greene cleared 4 ft. 9 in. at the standing high jump.

At the Games of Lafayette College Athletic Club, at Easton, Penn., on October 26, the only noticeable record was 24 sec. for the 220-yards, made by B. W. Mackintosh, '84.

At the Columbia College Athletic Club Meeting, on November 1, at Mott Haven, the performances worthy of note were Jenkins's 54 1-5 sec. for the 1/4-mile run; and his performance also in the broad jump, of 19 ft. 11 in. (He has a record of 21 ft. 1/4 in. for this event, made at Mott Haven, on September 24, at the Championship Games; but as it was made in open sports it cannot go into the college table.) Also S. Derickson's ('85) 24 1-5 sec. for the 220-yards; and D. B. Porter's ('83) throw of 85 ft. 6 in. with the 15-lb. hammer.

VOCAL MUSIC.Classes for the study of the rudiments of music and the practice of easy part singing will be held weekly in Boylston Hall, beginning Thursday, November 3. Fee $3.00 for the Term of six months, payable Feb. 1, 1882. Gentlemen wishing to join either of these classes are invited to meet as above, at 5 o'clock P.M., when decision will be made regarding the hour for meeting, &c.;

HENRY G. CAREY, Instructor.