WHEN I was a Freshman, young and meek,

I served a term in the building bleak;

I always used a pony, and told big fibs,

And examination found me with a new set of cribs.

I worked my cribs so carefullee,

That now I am a tutor in the old shantee.

As a Sophomore I was found complete

In all the arts which belong to the cheat;

I boot-legged profs, and scraped to all,

And I never, never whistled as I passed through the hall.

I passed through the halls so silentlee

That now I am a tutor in the old shantee.

IT is not true that the Bursar is the ex-officio executive officer of the Dining Hall Directors.

IT has been suggested that to the last dress rehearsal of the Greek Play students only be admitted at half price.

THE Miserere will probably be sung Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Holy Week, at 7.30 P.M., at the Cathedral in Boston; also next Sunday evening at the Church of the Advent.

J. H. GIFFORD, Irish-American A. C., at the games of the N. Y. A. C. on March 18 last, ran 3 miles in 15 m. 38 s., 4 miles in 21 m. 13 s., and 5 miles in 26 m. 44 s., in each case bettering the best previous American amateur record.

COLUMBIA has decided to adopt Harvard's custom of holding Class Sports this year, in addition to her regular meeting. The Seniors and Juniors will have their class games together, and the Sophomores will contend with the Freshmen. '84 in Columbia is a remarkable athletic class, Jenkins, Value, and Davison, the sprinters, and Clark, the bicyclist, being of their number.