No recitations in Latin 2 were held on Monday.

THE number of the Columbia Glee Club is sixteen.

OUR Freshmen play Yale on Saturday on Jarvis Field.

THERE is some talk of giving a Latin play next year.

THERE will be no more meetings of the St. Paul's this year.

THERE is a game this afternoon between Harvards and Beacons.

JUNE 8 is the day on which Columbia has her commencement.

MR. SHELDON will conduct next year Graduate Course 1 in German.

IN Latin 2 very little of the examination will be upon Latin at sight.

BOSTON UNIVERSITY graduated seventeen young ladies on Tuesday last.

A WALKING CLUB called the Peripatetics has been organized at Rutgers.

THE proceeds of the Yale Glee Club concert in New York were $400.14.

CARL SCHURZ advises Mr. Conkling to withdraw from the contest for senator.

COMMENCEMENT PARTS which are not to be spoken can be obtained at the Dean's office.

MR. W. H. MANNING has been elected captain of the Football Team for the ensuing year.

THE Institute Dinner was given last night. Mr. Warren was Poet, and Mr. Dorr Chorister.