Mr. Altemus '83, has left college.

"Pinafore" has just arrived at Cornell.

Harvard. - Prayers are voluntary. - [University Mag.

Mr. J. E. Maude, '81, preaches at Divinity Hall this evening at 7.30.

There were a number of lady visitors at the gymnasium yesterday afternoon.

Printed copies of the president's report will not be ready for nearly two weeks.

The revised scheme of the semi-annuals will be published after the next Faculty meeting.

Mr. Fred Balch has been appointed special policeman at Memorial Hall by the Cambridge city government.

A friend says he has an instructor who begins to call the roll just as the choir at the chapel sings the last "amen."

The candidates for the freshman nine were practising at the gymnasium yesterday, between the hours of 3 and 4 P. M.

The glee club of the University of Pennsylvania, has petitioned the faculty for a two weeks' trial of a plan introducing music into the chapel service.

The Phoenix, published at Swarthmore College, "an institution under the care of Friends," dates its first number of the new year, "Swarthmore College, First Month, 1882.

Yesterday afternoon, a horse hitched to a sleigh fell in front of the post-office, breaking the shafts and severely injuring itself. The occupants of the sleigh, two ladies, seemed very little frightened by the accident, mirable dictu.

At the University of California, in the mathematical classes, each student is allowed to assign his own lesson, the only requirements being that he shall report his progress each day for recitation and be ready for an examination at a certain time.

The attempt to introduce the mortar-board at Cornell has proved a failure. Although exchanges occasionally break out with the declaration that "the Oxford cap is worn at Cornell," it is not worn here nor has it been this year. - [Cornell Sun.

A freshman who attained 91 and 92 per cent. in the Greek examinations, and has never yet "cut" or "flunked," was recently astonished to learn from his parents that he was admonished from the office to be more diligent in this study, as he was in danger of not passing.