Keep advertises to re-tail shirts.

We cannot furnish files of the HERALD to date.

The freshman crew now practise in the afternoon.

Pach has not yet commenced to take the class groups.

Next sophomore theme is due probably February 23.


There are seventeen men trying for the freshman crew.

Mr. Bancroft is now coaching the '82 and '83 class crews.

Found - A note-book on geology; can be had at 17 Hollis.

The new Yale book, "The City of Elms," is now on sale.

Graduate History B and C examination in University 20.

The Institute of Technology gymnasium was built entirely from students' subscriptions.

Debater, Speaking on temperance: "Gentlemen, now all know the evil effects of alcoholic liquors."

The sale of seats for the Greek play performances at the Globe will begin next Tuesday morning.

Several members of the Harvard chapter of the Beta Theta Pi attended the union dinner given in Providence last evening.

Cut in freshman algebra yesterday. The lesson for next time will be duly posted for the benefit of those who were absent.

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