Princeton is to have an artesian well.

A new daily at Columbia is talked of.

Mr. H. P. Coolidge, '83, is studying at Hanover, Germany.

Meeting of the Scientific Faculty this evening at 7.30 in U. 5.

The third Cambridge assembly will be given this evening at Armory Hall.

It is hoped that instructors will devote the last week of recitations to reviews.

Mr. H. C. Crawford, '83, is secretary of the Chicago and South-eastern Railroad.

Mr. Phillips reads this evening at 7.30 in Sever 11. Subject, "Epistles of Horace."

The next Cambridge german will take place next Thursday, Jan. 19, at Armory Hall.

A false alarm of fire was rung yesterday afternoon from Box 25, corner of Main and Front streets.

All the freshman in Advanced Greek should attend the readings of "Theocritus" by Mr. Croswell.

The freshman sections in Advanced Greek will not begin to read "Plato's Apology" for some time.

The Oberlin Review hopes that the faculty will not interfere with the ladies who wear the mortar-boards.

Phillips-Exeter will celebrate the centennial anniversary of its distinguished alumnus, Daniel Webster, tomorrow.

The Yale College Glee Club is preparing to produce a comic opera, entitled "The Denikese Summer School of Gastronomy," written by a member of the junior class.

In case of dissatisfaction with the first proof for senior photographs, all re-appointments for a second sitting must be made with the photographer and not with the class committee.