Despite the disagreeable weather, about one hundred spectators assembled at the boat house yesterday to witness the races between senior eights and aspirants for honors in singles. The race between the freshman eights was postponed until next Saturday. The first race was to have been started at 11 o'clock, but owing to the non-appearance of several of the men who had been drawn, a considerable delay took place, while the captains of the various crews filled out their complement of men. The crews as finally selected were as follows:

I.-1, Blodgett; 2, Jones; 3, Agassiz; 4, Gilman; 5, H. Sherwood; 6, Hubbard; 7, Burch (capt.); 8, Perin.

II.-1, Bliss; 2, J. Mumford; 3, G. Keith; 4, Le Moyne; 5, Perkins; 6, Howe; 7, Storrow (capt.); 8, A. Keith.

III.-1, J. D. Sherwood; 2, Biddle; 3, Baxter; 4, Hansen; 5, Belshaw; 6, Howard; 7, Clarke; 8, Bryant (capt.).

IV.-1, Cowdin; 2, Sessions; 3, Walker; 4, Chapman; 5, S. Coolidge; 6, Hammond; 7, W. W. Mumford; 8, Curtis.


The course was from the bridge below the boat house to Richardson's coal wharf, a distance of about one-quarter of a mile. Bryant's crew took the inside position, with Hammond and Burch in the middle and Storrow on the outside. At the word "go," all four of the crews got away well together, and came up all in a bunch. When the lower end of the float in front of the boat house was reached, Storrow had a lead of not more than six feet over Hammond, with Burch and Bryant well up to the leaders. Before the boat house had been passed, however, Perin "hit her up" in fine style, and so well did his men respond that their boat began to forge ahead of the rest, and it looked as though No. I. had the race well in hand. But, as it proved, the race was not to be so easily won; for No. IV. tied them about three-quarters of the distance between the boat house and the finish, and the two crews rowed abreast until, through poor steering, they locked oars. No. IV. got disentangled first and crossed the line even with No. II., which had overtaken them on account of the foul. No. III. came in about an eighth of a length behind No. I.

The referee decided that it was a tie race between II. and IV., and those two crews deciding to row it off at once, I was allowed to try again, since when this foul occurred they were even with IV.

Some of the men in the crews of Burch and Storrow being disinclined to row again, Belshaw replaced Howe, and J. D. Sherwood, Clarke and Biddle replaced H. Sherwood, Jones and Blodgett. It will be seen that Burch's crew was much strengthened by these changes, and as it proved, rather too much so, for they had not rowed a dozen strokes in the second trial before Clarke broke his oar short off and Gilman displaced his seat. This, of course, put them out of the race, and was doubly unfortunate since when the mishap occurred they had a short lead over the other two crews. The rest of the race was hotly contested by II. and IV., the latter crew finally winning by about three seconds. Time, 58 seconds.

There were only three starters in the sculling boat race: Agassiz, '84; Penrose, '84, and Lawrence, '85. Agassiz won easily, with Lawrence second and Penrose third. The starter was Edgerton Winthrop, '85, and the judge at the finish, Woodbury Kane, '82.