An alarming revolt has occurred at Lyons.

Base-ball yesterday - Providence 9, Metropolitan 3.

A daring case of highway robbery occurred at Milton yesterday.

The police have discovered a dynamite manufactory in the suburbs of Paris.

President Arthur has appointed Thursday, Nov. 30, for the annual Thanks-giving.


There was a collision on the Boston & Maine R. R. yesterday, at East Somerville. Nobody hurt.

The last half of the report of Special Counsel H. H. Wells on the star-route bribery cases was given out for publication yesterday, by the judiciary department.

Capt. Gen. Prendergrast of Havana has been directed to use $100.000 of the public funds for the relief of the sufferers by the recent cyclone on the coast of Cuba.

At one o'clock this morning the score in the walking match was : Fitzgerald 520, Noremac 507, Herty 492, Hart 476, Hughes 470. Up to noon of the fifth day the receipts had been $22,500.

Among the documents belonging to Arabi Pasha in possession of the authorities is a letter from the Sultan's religious adviser to Arabi, seriously implicating the Sultan in the course Arabi pursued.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 28, 1. A.M. For New England, slightly cooler, northeast to northwest winds, partly cloudy weather, and light rains in the southern portion, slight rise, followed by fall in barometer.