Nearly 190 men are taking Natural History 4.

'84 beat '86 by a score of 8 to 0 on Jarvis yesterday afternoon.

There will be but one more excursion in Natural History 4 this fall.

The junior crew will probably not begin training till after Thanksgiving.

Erckmann-Chatrian's "Madame Therese" will be the next book read in French V.


An hour examination in Philosophy I. will take place a week from next Thursday.

English II. have finished "Macbeth" and will take up "King Lear" at the next recitation.

It is said that the rest of Dr. Snow's notes in History 12 will not be published until spring.

The annual foot-ball match between Exeter and Andover takes place a week from next Saturday.

Capt. Storrow of the sophomore crew is coaching the candidates for the freshman crew, on the rowing weights.

Many Harvard professors and students have been attending Dr. Carpenter's lectures at the Lowell Institute.

The first illustrations in Greek II. will be given tomorrow at 12 M. in Sever 29, the subject being the topography of Athens.

The Lowell Citizen is authority for the statement that Leopold Morse has formed "an unholy alliance with Harvard College."

All the men that played on the football team of '85 last year are requested to meet at 44 Weld Tuesday evening at 7.30 sharp.

A Mrs. Beales, who is reported to have been for a long time in charge of the dining department at Harvard College, died in Wilmington last week.

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