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The announcement that hereafter four scholarships will be reserved for students in the graduate department cannot but be received with the greatest interest by all those interested in Harvard and Harvard's welfare. This is but another step towards making this department of our university more popular than it has been heretofore.

There is no good reason why a graduate of Harvard, or, in fact any other college, should always feel compelled to go elsewhere for purposes of study after he has obtained his bachelor's degree. Of course we can understand the advantages of going abroad, where the elements of travel and living in a foreign land are often a great inducement to men. But there certainly is no reason for men to leave Harvard and go to Johns Hopkins. Harvard has as complete a graduate course as any college in the country. Here are gathered together men who have become famous all over the world in their several departments. Of course here and there through the country, at the smaller universities, there can be found one man or more who has made his name known in his particular branch, but nowhere else in this country is there, we think, such a number of eminent professors.

In addition to this there are other advantages here that can be found nowhere else in this country. Our library is unequalled on the continent for educational purposes, and, besides, a student is within easy reach of the Boston public and the Athenaeum libraries. A prominent professor remarked to one of his sections last year that he considered the library equal in working power to the entire faculty.

Besides, we are nearer a large city than any other university of the first class, except, perhaps, Columbia, and gain all the advantages, which are great, that can be gained from this. Taking all these points into consideration, Harvard should become more and more recognized not only as the leading college in the country, which position she already occupies, but as the leading graduate university, a position which the recent action of the faculty will go a considerable way toward securing her.


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