Annual Reports of the Secretary and Treasurer.

Through the courtesy of Mr. Arthur Gilman (secretary) we have received a copy of the proof-sheets of the forthcoming third annual reports of the treasurer and secretary of the "Society for the Collegiate Instruction of Women," at Cambridge, popularly known as the Harvard "Annex." We summarize the chief points mentioned in these reports. The most important advance made by this institution during the past year has been the securing of a charter of incorporation from the State by its friends. In accordance with the avowed object of the society aiming at the introduction of coeducation into Harvard University the charter has been made to state the objects of the organization to be to promote "the education of women with the assistance of the instructors in Harvard University," and for this purpose it empowers the society to "employ teachers, furnish instruction, give aid to deserving students, procure and hold books, suitable apparatus, and lands and buildings for the accommodation of officers, teachers and students," to "perform all acts appropriate to the main purpose of the association," and to transfer "the whole or any part of its funds or property to the president or fellows of Harvard College" whenever the same can be so done as to advance the purpose for which the society is chartered, in a manner satisfactory to the association.

The society is now in a position to receive endowments and bequests, and these it hopes to receive in the near future. "It may be said with some confidence that a fund of one-tenth the size of that represented by the property and endowments of Harvard University, contributed to the society now, will give women greater privileges than are within their reach in America, and will make them permanent."

The society does not aim to create but to satisfy a demand for the higher education of women. During the year there were the following classes and students:

Department. No. Classes. No. Students.


Greek 4 23

Latin 4 16

English 4 25

German 4 14

French 2 4

Italian 1 1

Fine Arts 1 1

History 2 11

Mathematics 4 12

Physics 1 3