University of Pennsylvania freshmen have a foot-ball team this year, and are playing with Pennsylvania academies.

A little boy quietly watched a bee crawling on his hand, till he stopped and stung him, when he sobbed: "I didn't mind its walking about, but when it sat down it hurt awful." - [Ex.

Instruction is given to women at Boston University for $110; at Cornell University it costs $75; at the University of Michigan the charge is but $30, and at the University of Wisconsin it is free.

There were in attendance at Boston University during the year 1881-1882 forty-one women; at Cornell University, forty-nine; and at the Universities of Michigan and Wisconsin, a few more than one hundred each.

President Woolsey is reported as having said: "When I was president of Yale College, I was asked if I would be willing to admit women students there. I replied that I would if Vassar College would admit young men. That ended the discussion." - [Boston Advertiser.


In the government under which we live here at college, the college press, as expressing the opinions of the students, has something the position of a lower house, with the responsibility of originating measures which belongs to such a body. - [Record.

The Princetonian states that the Princeton faculty will probably take no action in the matter of prohibiting games with professionals, and adds: "But whether they do or not, we hope that they have a higher appreciation of the true aims of college athletics than to imagine that any evil is to be tolerated, for the sake of affording any team better chances of winning trophies for the college. It certainly seems strange that any faculty should give the reason that was given at Yale for refusing to abolish professional games."