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Tangible evidence of Harvard's capacity to succeed, if she only takes the trouble, has been afforded. At the opening of the term we mentioned the well-worn saying, "Oh! they don't know how to play foot-ball at Harvard!" and joined our entreaties to those of the college that this trite remark might become as pathetic in its application as that satire, "Yale men say." Our hopes have been fulfilled, and Harvard has taken its place among the first of the contestants in the foot-ball arena.

In connection with Saturday's game we must first express our regret at the misfortune which has befallen Captain Holden. After bringing his team up to its present state of efficiency, and as this was about to be made clear in a memorable victory, he was injured so severely that he could not witness the triumph of his labors, nor will he be able to take part in the remaining contests and encourage by his energy and perseverance those upon whom it will devolve to complete the work so ably begun on Saturday. If the present senior class can remember the days when they were freshmen and can call to mind the performances of the fall of '84, and then the prohibition which was inflicted upon foot-ball in the succeeding year, they will comprehend the magnitude of the labor which has been accomplished.

Second, the men after the accident to Captain Holden arose to the emergency. They played to win. Those who had been sluggish before became marvellously active, and every man appreciated thoroughly the fact that if he relaxed one muscle, the work of the past weeks would be rendered futile. To this comprehension, the cool playing and admirable judgement of Mr. Harding afforded the requisite stamina for a victory, and the college class join unanimously in one expression of approbation for him and the men who obeyed his orders with all their mind and bodily strength.

The corollary to Saturday's success will follow if the spirit which effected that continues to be in the ascendant.

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