The Dartmouth nine will engage a prosessional coach for the winter.

A new club has been started in the Law School, to be called the "Holmes Club," in honor of the instructor of that name.

Twenty-five cents a piece will be paid for a limited number of Nos. 92, 94 and 96 of Vol. I. of the Herald. Copies to be left and paid for at Drury's.

Mr. W. A. Lamson, '81, leaves Boston Monday evening to accept the position of private secretary to the superintendent of a mine in New Mexico.

When the news came at New Haven Saturday of the Harvard victory over Princeton, three times three cheers were given near the college campus for Harvard.

The meeting of the Historical Society, called for this evening, has been postponed to Wednesday evening, when it will be held at 7.30 P. M. in No. 7 Weld.

Betting before the game on Saturday was two to one on Princeton, with few Harvard takers, and after the first three quarters changed to three to one the same way.

There will be a rehearsal of the Pierian Sodality Monday evening at 7.15. It is absolutely imperative that every member comes promptly to every rehearsal from now to the concert.

On the grounds of the Long wood Club, last week, Dwight and Gray of the Longwood Club payed Sears and Clark, '83, of Harvard, a series of games at lawn tennis for "pewter mugs." The series was won by the Longwood players.

All tellers at the senior class elections are requested to be at Boylston Hall at 6.45 o'clock this evening, to receive instructions and make final arrangements for the speedy dispatch of the business of the evening. Per order committee.

Mr. Camp of the Yale eleven, who was among the spectators of Saturday's game, freely expressed it as his opinion that Harvard's title to the game could not be doubted. The score, the gentleman said, was technically five to four.

Yale's interest in lacrosse is growing; members of the different classes are delegated by the association to collect subscriptions for it.