The meeting was called to order promptly at 7 o'clock by Mr. Burch, chairman of the committee of arrangements. Mr. Cummings was unanimously elected chairman of the meeting.

The report of the committee of arrangements was accepted, with the exception of the rule relating to the dropping of candidates after a certain number of ballots, which was expunged.

The meeting was unusually harmonious, and everything moved very smoothly. Mr. Curtis was elected First Marshal and Mr. Lord Odist by acclamation.

Before the meeting broke up votes of thanks were passed to the committee of arrangements, the chairman of the meeting, and the tellers.

The following named officers were elected:


Class Secretary - Frederick Nichols of Boston.

First Marshal - Charles Pelham Curtis of Boston.

Second Marshal - George Emerson Lowell of Boston.

Third Marshal - Charles Page Perin of Ft. Snelling, Minn.

Orator - Arthur Richmond Marsh of Newport, R. I.

Poet - Henry Grafton Chapman of New York, N. Y.

Odist - Augustus Mendon Lord of Cambridge.

Ivy Orator - Charles Hall Grandgent of Cambridge.

Chorister - Edward Perry Warren of Boston.

Class Day Committee - Chairman, Franklin Woodruff Moulton of New York; George Henry Heilbron of Boston; Henry Barton Jacobs of S. Scituate, Mass.

Class Committee - Chairman, Jeffrey Richardson Brackett of Quincy, Mass.; Marshall Henry Cushing of Hingham, Mass.; Edward Cummings of Lynn.

The meeting adjourned at 1 A. M.