$75 bonus will be given with 68 Thayer.

No. 10 drew the banjo at Drury's last night.

Rehearsal of Pierian Sodality Thursday at 4.15 sharp.

Betting on Yale and Harvard in foot-ball is about even.

W. B. Noble, '84, has been elected an editor of the Crimson.


Freshmen are beginning to discover the existence of Gore Hall.

This year is the first in which Harvard has beaten Princeton in foot-ball.

Scientific students will not hereafter be allowed to row on the class crews.

The marks of the examination in freshman geometry have been made out.

A chapter of the Theta Delta Chi Fraternity has been established here this year.

The air in the main hall at the gymnasium is too often too cool for the comfort of those exercising.

Prof. Goodale delivered the seventh of his lectures on Botany before the Lowell Institute, Tuesday evening.

W. H. Goodwin, Jr., '84, and S. Coolidge, '86, will be the hares in the hare and hounds run Friday.

Octave Feuillet's new play, "Un Roman Parisien," will be produced in the Boston Museum in February.

Mr. L. D. Wishard, college secretary of the Y. M. C. A., will address the Society of Christian Brethren tonight.