Assyrian Antiquities. Special subject: The Old Legends. Prof. Lyon, Divinity Hall Upper Lecture Room, 12 M.

Certain Authors Considered as Masters of Style. Special subject: Washington Irving. Prof. A. S. Hill, Sever 11, 2 P. M.

American Archaeology. "An account of ancient shell-heaps on the coast of Maine, with an exhibition of the specimens collected." Prof. Putnam, Peabody Museum, 3 P. M. Admission by ticket.

Concert. Boston Symphony Orchestra. Sanders Theatre, 7.45 P. M.

Requests to spend Sunday at home, or to attend service at specified churches, must be presented at the beginning of each academic year. Students who have not complied with the regulation are instructed to comply with it at once.


C. J. WHITE, Registrar.The examination of the first four sections of the freshman class in Solid Geometry will take place in Massachusetts Hall on Thursday, November 9th, at 11 A. M. Mr. Hill and those men whose names come before his in the alphabetical list will please go to the upper hall. All others will be examined in the lower hall.

B. O. PEIRCE.GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS.Four scholarships of the present year have been reserved for graduate students who are candidates for the degrees of A. M. and Ph. D. Applications should be sent to the dean of the college faculty on or before November 16th.