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The Auditor's Report - Resolutions Adopted.


CAMBRIDGE, Dec. 11, 1882.

GENTLEMEN : The expenditures and receipts of the Harvard Dining Association for the month of November were as follows :


Bills paid $13491.61

Water charge 61.26

Interest on debt 241.55

Interest on advances 81.99

Reduction of debt 166.67

Repairs assessment 175.00

Crockery assessment 106.76

Allowance for Sunday absence 273.30

Stock on hand Nov. 1, 1882 2067.18




Stock on hand Dec. 1, 1882 $2726.08

Sale of grease 131.64

Sale of swill 30.25

Sale of bones 33.72

Sale of cold food, etc. 92.38

Extras ordered 1127.95

Crockery charged to surplus 110.63

Repairs charged to surplus 178.47

Gas and coal charged to Sanders

Theatre 1.47

Balance 12,232.73



Dividing this balance, $12,232.73, by 2669, the number of weeks, gives $4.58, and adding head money, 4 cents, gives $1.62 as the cost of board per week during the month of November. An analysis of this charge of $4.62 gives the following result :

Tot's for month per wk.

Provisions $8495.10 $3.18

Service 2031.70 .76

Coal 308.76 .12

Water 61.26 .02

Gas 181.20 .07

Crockery assessment 106.76 .04

Interest 323.54 .12

Reduction of debt 166.67 .06

Repairs assessment 175.00 .07

Allowance for Sunday absence 273.30 .10

Miscellaneous 109.44 .04



Head money .04

------------------ ----------

$12,232.73 $4.62

Respectfully submitted,

LYMAN B. FISKE, Auditor.To the Board of Directors Harvard Dining Association, Cambridge, Mass.


To the members of the Harvard Dining Association :

The auditing committee of the board of directors, having examined the books of the association, respectfully report that the increase in the price of board for November over that for October seems to them to be due to the following causes :

1. The number of members in the association is smaller.

2. Some bills that should have been presented Nov. 1st, the auditor was unable to obtain till the middle of November. Allowance was made for these in the October statement, but the steward's estimate on which the allowance was made fell considerably short of the true amount. The surplus of these bills over the allowance is charged to the November account.

3. The natural increase in the amount of coal and gas consumed at this season.

4. An advance in the market price of a few necessaries, such as butter and eggs.

Had it been possible to obtain the Oct. bills in due season, the price per week for that month would have been about $4.44, and for Nov. about $4.42.

It will be seen from the following table that the average price for Oct. and Nov. 1882 is less than in the corresponding months of the last two years :

Oct. Nov. Average.

1880 4.82 4.29 4.45 1/2

1881 4.72 4.80 4.76

1882 4.25 4.62 4.43 1/2

FRED'K J. RANLETT,M. H. CUSHING,WILL. BELDEN NOBLE,Auditing Committee.RESOLUTIONS PASSED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.Whereas, The error of nineteen cents in the reported cost of board per week for the month of October was due to an estimate by the steward at $600 of an item of expense, which turned out to be $1189.89; and

Whereas, The necessary data for an approximate estimate were, or should have been at hand, -

Resolved, That the directors, while they have confidence in the steward's integrity, nevertheless, in this particular instance, censure his carelessness and unbusinesslike conduct, deeming it out of keeping with the responsible position which he holds.

Resolved, That the accuracy of the monthly reports is a matter of the highest importance in conducting the affairs of the association, and that the officers of the association be required in the future to use great care in respect to these reports.

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