College Faculty. Meeting in University 5, 8 P. M.

German Reading. Mr. Lutz. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

JUNIOR THEMES.Theme III. will be due Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 2 P. M., in Sever 3. Subjects : 1. A Comparison of Emerson's "Threnody" with Wordsworth's "Intimations of Immortality." 2. The Future of the American Stage. 3. A Statement of the Doctrine of Evolution. 4. What do Undergraduates talk about? 5. Should the Scholarships in Harvard College be open to all? 6. On the Use and Abuse of Clubs.

SOPHOMORE THEMES.Division A, Sever 1. - Theme II. will be returned to section 2 (C. F. Gilman to Winlock) Tuesday, Dec. 5, as follows : Sub-section 1, C. F. Gilman to Hazard, at 2 P. M.; sub-section 2, Henderson to E. Howard, at 2.30; sub-section 3, O. S. Howard to Lenox, at 3; sub-section 4, Lent to R. Petersen, at 3.30; sub-section 5, Puffer to Winlock, at 4.

Division B, Sever 5. - Theme II. will be returned with criticisms to section 2 (Onativia to Young) Tuesday, Dec. 5, as follows : Onativia to Seavy, at 2 P. M.; Shephard to Sutton, at 2.30; Swinscoe to Tyler, at 3; Wadsworth to Whiteside, at 3.30; Whitney to Young, at 4.


Those who have a conflict at any of these hours may come from 4.30 to 5.30.

SENIOR FORENSICS.The first Forensic will be returned Dec. 7, from 3 to 5 P. M., in Sever 1.

The second Forensic will be due Dec. 7. Subjects : 1. Is there a decline in real statesmanship in the United States? 2. Is Macaulay's judgment of Bacon just? 3. How far does self-consciousness hinder action? 4. Which function of literature is the more important at the present time, the critical or the creative?