The clerk of the weather department seems to think that "variety is the spice of life."

Among the "Promenade Notes" in the News we find that "the faculty were very giddy."

Last Wednesday the Yale News published three times the number of its regular edition.

The indigent youth with his recommendations for charity is again meandering about college.

President Eliot will give a reception to members of the Law School next Tuesday evening.


Found - A pair of opera-glasses. The owner may have the same by applying at 26 H'ke House.

President Eliot and other scientific and literary men ask that antiquities be put on the free list. - [Ex.

One of the class of '33 of Dartmouth, it is said, is one of the "Twelve Apostles" of the Mormous.

The Maine Historical Society will commemorate Mr. Longfellow's seventy-fifth birthday on the 27th inst.

The Boston Art Club gave a reception last evening to its members and friends at its new home on Dartmouth street.

Mr. F. H. Briggs, '85, instead of Mr. Bolles, L. S., drew the cartoon of "The AEsthetic Image Vender," in the last Lampoon.

EDS. LAMPOON.It is proposed that the Yale-Princeton game this spring be played on the N. Y. polo grounds instead of in Princeton or New Haven, as it is thought the receipts will be larger.

President Eliot is announced as a contributor to the second number of the new Philadelphia weekly, "Our Continent" - Subject, "The Elective system in Education."

An Italian named Scuri in Milan after having mastered the tetracycle, tricycle, and bicycle, now gives exhibitions of wonderful riding on the icycle. (Monocycle perhaps is the better word.)

Suits have been begun against A. Williams & Co. for libel and damages for $30,000, on account of "Cape Cod Folks." The defendants' property has been attached. Trial next Tuesday at Plymouth.

Several professors of the Johns Hopkins University are delivering a course of popular scientific lectures to the employes of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. All of the funds of the university are invested in this railroad.

The editors of the Crimson from '84 are A. M. Butler, A. Curtis, W. A. Gardner, R. S. Minturn, W. W. Mumford; H. D. Robbins, business editor; A. T. French, '85, freshman editor. W. F. Kellogg, '83, has also been elected editor.

Recitatione Latina hominorum viridum. Prof. - "Well, Mr. B., explain that reference in the next line. What do you know about Euterpe?" H. V. - "Nothing, sir, further than that he was a celebrated musician!" - [Clamose snickerunt omnes.

Two ladies who had been to see Minnie Hauk were seated in the horse car. Said one, "How do you like 'Carmen?' " "I think 'Carmen' perfectly lovely!" replied the other. And the conductor and driver, the great silly creatures, swelled out like a pair of inflated frogs. - [Yale News.

No authorized report has yet been made of the price of board at Memorial during January, but assurance has been given that it will surely not exceed $5 per week, and very probably be less than that sum. The monthly report will be made by the auditor to the board of directors next Tuesday evening - and until then, nothing definite can be known.

The Irish societies of Boston have determined not to parade on St. Patrick's day.

FURNITURE. Parlor, chamber, dining-room, library and office furniture. An immense stock in the warerooms of Paine's manufactory, 48 Canal street, opposite Boston and Maine depot, Boston.

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