Today is St. Valentine's day.

Examination in Freshman Physics today.

Mr. Perry's lecture at 3 P. M., Sever 11.

Found - A gold ring. Inquire at 38 Weld.

The marks in Latin 1 were given out yesterday.

There will be no recitation in chemistry this week.

Examination today in Freshman Minimum Physics.

Lost - Key to 32 Holyoke. Finder will please return it to the room.

The third senior forensic is due from the first section a week from today.

A man with a cart-load of ashes went over most of the slippery walks yesterday.

Marks in Natural History 1 and Chemistry 2 will probably be returned on Wednesday.

A considerable number of '82 class photographs are to be found in the album at Pach's studio.

The Pierian Sodality and Glee Club will have a coffee party at their rooms next Monday evening.

The recent excursion of the Mechanical Engineers of the Institute of Technology was voted a complete success.

Some instructors have been kind enough to inform their electives of the next lesson, beginning the second half-year.

Miss Mary Fiske is lecturing on "What I Know About Men;" she displays complete familiarity with the subject.

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