Max Muller's translation of Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason" has been published in England.

The March Lippincott's has an article by Henry A. Beers (of Yale), on "College Eating Clubs."

"English Sonnets by Poets of the Past," edited by S. Waddington, and "English Sonnets," edited by J. Dennis, are recent English publications.

"Myth and Science," by Tito Vignoli, is the latest issue in the International Science Series. The latest volume of the foreign classics for English readers is "La Fontaine," by W. Lucas Collins.

"Theocritus," "Bion" and "Moschus" have been translated into English prose by Mr. A. Lang, with an introductory essay on "Theocritus and His Age." The book is published by Macmillan.


Wm. Shepard's "Pen Pictures of Authors," to be published soon by the Putnams, will contain "A Visit to Tennyson," by M. D. Conway; "Recollections of Hawthorne," by Geo. Wm. Curtis; a paper on Prof. Lowell, by Justin McCarthy, and conversations with George Eliot, Jean Ingelow and Wm. Black.

The next number of Our Continent, the new illustrated weekly, will contain an article on the "Elective System in Education" by President Eliot, which will be particularly timely just now. It will also have an article by D. G. Mitchell, on "Yale Forty Years Ago," and one by Prof. W. S. Tyler, on the "American Archaeological Institute."