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Three cadets at the Naval Academy have been expelled for hazing.

Yale is having a course of lectures by her instructors.

The opera will return to Boston on next Monday, March 3d.

Phillips Exeter Academy is to have an athletic tournament.

The value of the State Agricultural College at Amherst is over $500,000.

A recent editorial in the Yale News speaks of Harvard's "voluntary" prayers.

Mr. Gamaliel Bradford lectures this evening in Sever 11, on "Political Science as a College Study," at 7.30.

The track at the Institute rink, where the games of the Union Club were held in January, is found to be 380 feet short of a mile.

H. Webster, '84, has been elected a member of the executive committee of the New England Delta Upsilon Association.

"Harvard's Faithful Sons" is the suggestive title given by the New York Times to its account of the recent N. Y. Harvard Club dinner.

The dinner of the Bicycle Club takes place this evening at Young's, at 6.30. Mr. T. J. Coolidge, '84, will be chorister. R. D. Smith, '84, F. S. Billings, '85, and J. C. Ayer, '86, have the matter in charge.


The Amherst faculty has not yet decided what action to take in regard to the resolutions recently drawn up by the Inter-collegiate Conference on Athletics in New York. It is probable, however, that the subject will be referred either to the Senate or Baseball Association, and that the faculty will act according to the desire of the students. The subject has created quite an excitement among the students, and their opinions seem to be evenly divided as to whether Amherst should adopt the resolutions or not.

Junior Theme V. will be due on Thursday, February 28. Subject: An exposition of some subject connected with the chief study of each student.

The freshman and sophomore classes of Yale celebrated Washington's birthday with a "banger" rush. Several of the contestants are threatened with suspension.

Oxford and Cambridge Universities lead in last year's football contests in England. The former with a record of 11 games won and 1 lost, the latter with 9 games won and 7 lost.

Rev. Phillips Brooks preached at St. John's last evening under the auspices of the St. Paul's Society. The front portion of the church was reserved for students, of whom a considerable number were present.

A new plan has been devised by Prof. Croswell in Greek 1, by which any man who is absent from a recitation and hands in, at some time, a translation of the passage read at such recitation will be marked as present.

Dr. Sargent will deliver the fifth of his series of practical talks on the theories and principles of physical training at the Young Men's Christian Union this evening. The subject will be "Athletic Sports and Competitive Games."

The BaseBall Association, which includes Rutgers, Lafayette, and Stevens, have arranged their schedule of games. It is hoped that New York University, Seton, St. John's, Manhattan, and the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn will join before the season opens.

Perry. Belmont, one of Harvard's favorite sons, has again been bearding a Congressional lion in his den. Very melodramatic accounts are given in the newspapers of a recent tilt between Mr. Belmont and A. S. Hewitt in the Foreign Affairs Committee room.

A peculiarity of this year's training by the Cambridge University crews is, that after several weeks of rowing on the river it hauls up its boats for a rest of two weeks. This was done about the end of January, and now it is again rowing regularly, as the race comes in April.

It is proposed to resuscitate the Phi Bita Kappa Society of Yale College. The membership, if the plan succeeds, is to consist of one from each class who obtains a philosophical or high oration in the junior appointments. There is considerable opposition to the scheme among the anti-society men.

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