Annual dinner of the Advocate, February 27.

There was an hour examination in Freshman Trigonometry yesterday.

The Hamilton College Monthly calls Oscar "a ninny from England."

Billy, the postman, has entered a claim for damages against the city of Cambridge.

The Yale News says that the Harvard freshmen "guyed Oscar Wilde most unmercifully."


The officers of the Advocate from '83 are C. H. Grandgent, president; M. H. Cushing, secretary.

The candidates for pitcher and catcher of the Yale nine will go into training in the gymnasium immediately.

There was a smaller attendance at the gymnasium yesterday afternoon than on any other afternoon this year.

Professor Paine leaves for Brooklyn this afternoon to hear his "OEdipus" music performed by the Thomas Orchestra.

Col. Higginson lectured before the Roseland Club, of North Cambridge, Thursday evening on "How to Read History."

OFFICE FURNITURE. Of roll-top desks, chairs and tables, there is now an immense assortment at PAINE'S manufactory on Canal street.

President Eliot says he doesn't "believe in spending $2000 on a $2 boy." No more do we. And yet Harvard is full all the same. - [World.

A man has been sent by the post office department at Washington to vaccinate all the employes in Boston and vicinity. He is now in Cambridge.

The overseers of Harvard College, at their meeting Thursday evening, consented to the vote of the president and fellows establishing a new professorship of law.

The following are the editors of the Advocate from the class of '84: J. J. Chapman, C. R. Clapp, L. E. Gates, E. A. Hibbard, F. Warren; business editor, W. C. Baylies.

Over fifty graduates of Yale College met for supper at Young's Hotel Thursday evening, with President Porter and Prof. Timothy Dwight of the Yale Theological School as invited guests.

A western editor informs his readers that "OEdipus Tyrannus" is a very interesting little musical drama in Greek, written for the Harvard boys by two of the professors, "Sophocles and Paine." - [World.