Minister Morton gave a banquet in Paris last night.

Several Indian chiefs have started on a visit to the East.

Slosson has won the international billiard match in Paris.

The Senate has passed the refunding bill by a majority of twenty.

Gen. Grant says that he has never been personally interested in the Peruvian company.


Senator Fishburne, of South Carolina, was released from jail on $2000 bonds to keep the peace.

A gas explosion in a mine in Chesterfield county, Va, has confined thirty-two men underground.

The National Republican of Washington has been sold to Col. George Bliss. It will be conducted as an administration organ.

A mass meeting of Jews was held in Liverpool last evening. Resolutions condemning the treatment of Jews in Russia were passed.

The funeral services were held over the remains of Dr. Bellows at Westminster, Vt. A memorial service will be held next Sunday.

Scoville has petitioned for a new trial of Guiteau, but Corkhill and Davidge pronounce the grounds to be unsound. It is thought that Guiteau will be sentenced to be hanged today.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., Feb. 4, 1882, 1 A. M. For New England, increasing cloudiness, followed by rain or snow, northwest, veering to warmer easterly winds, followed by falling barometer.