Carnochan was trained entirely by Robinson.

The marks in Chemistry 1 were given out yesterday.

Recitation in Chemistry 1 this week - subject : "Copper."

Robinson intends to put his men on the track on Jarvis tomorrow.

The Athletics will play all the college clubs this season. - [Item.


The nine were practising on Holmes Field yesterday afternoon.

A new belt of an improved pattern has been received for the '83 team.

Repairs are being made in the netting of the "cage" in the gymnasium.

Delta Upsilon glories in a new shingle, with the colors of the society.

Appleton, '84, who has been candidate for the 'Varsity, has stopped rowing.

Bancroft coaches the 'Varsity at 4 and the senior crew at 5 o'clock every afternoon.

Lane and Fox, '83, were out in a pair-oar working-boat yesterday, with Capt. Burch as coach.

An interested crowd of spectators now gathers daily at the boat-house to watch the crews go out.

There will be a special meeting of the board of directors of Memorial today at 1.30 P. M., in the auditor's office.

King, Mumford, Belshaw and Woodward, candidates for the 'Varsity, were out yesterday in a four-oar with a coach.

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