Mr. Davis will place on exhibition in U. 4, this afternoon, at half-past three, a large number of maps illustrating rainfall.

The Association of Collegiate Alumnae met in Boston Saturday and discussed co-education and the higher education of women.

Wanted. - A premium will be given at 16 Weld for two or more tickets for either of the ladies' days of the athletic meetings.

For Sale. - A couple of tickets for "Dreams" at the Gaiety, this evening; front row of the orchestra. Inquire at 1 Little's Block.

In regard to the new method of pulling the tug-of-war, a member of one of the teams says that it is more work for the men and less fun for the spectators.


In the University of Pennsylvania there are five men from '82 six from '84, 160 pounds. The captain of the Columbia Foot-ball Team for next year is W. N. Eldridge, '83.

The stranded float was successfully launched yesterday at high tide, after many attempts. Long beams, reaching to the water, were placed under it and by means of rollers it was slid into the water. The float will be at once repaired, and the bridges placed in position as soon as possible.

Several vague rumors have been in circulation the last day or two in regard to the price of board at Memorial for February. No report has yet been made, and will not be for a couple of days yet, but assurance is given that the price will not reach the extravagant estimate which rumor gives.

The 'Varsity crew rowed yesterday in the following order; Cabot, bow; Sawyer, 2; Chalfant, 3; Hammond, 4; Perkins, 5; Hudgens, 6; Clarke, 7, and Curtis, stroke; Capt. Bancroft acted as coxswain and coach.

The steam launch has been entirely refitted during the winter, the repairs, especially to the machinery, having been extensive and complete. The forward deck has been cut out to extend the seating capacity of the boat, and much of the woodwork renewed. It is not thought the launch will be put into the water until after the spring recess.

Prof. J. W. White offers to give the Athletic Association a discus, the throwing of which will constitute one of the events in the spring meeting. He thinks that throwing the discus may prove as popular as putting the shot, and perhaps supersede it. Such an event would certainly add a great deal of interest to our meeting.

PARLOR BEDS. PAINE'S new folding bed has received the silver award. It is very convenient.

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