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At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Dining Association yesterday afternoon, the following resolutions were passed:

I. Resolved, That as the auditor states that the price of board for February will probably be $5.42 per week, which is the result of there being only a few over three hundred men at present in the association, that the hall be closed on the evening of Wednesday, March 22d, provided that in the meantime the membership of the association has not increased to four hundred and twenty-five men.

II. Resolved, That the following named members of the association be appointed a committee of fifty to canvass the university and use their best endeavors to procure the number of men necessary to prevent the closing of the hall:

From '82, Messrs. Babcock, Olmstead, Beale, Burton, W. G. Chase, Wait, Cabot, Fuller, Burt.

From '83, Messrs. Chapman, Cushing, Putnam, Machado, Eaton, Hubbard, Lane, Moffat, Kellogg.

From '84, Messrs. Chapman, Eliot, Noble, Haskell, Frothingham, Hatch, Webster, Conant, Gates.

From '85, Messrs. Livingston, Carnochan, Storer, Atkinson, Trask, Carpenter, Blinn, Fiske, King.

From L. S., Messrs. Bolles, Lawrence, Parker, Coolidge, Otis, Fisher, Kenneson, Opdycke, Guild.

From D. S., Mr. Collier.

From the faculty, Messrs. Hodges, Byerly, Bendelari, Lanman.

III. Resolved, That the committee be requested to urge the following facts upon the members of the university, not now connected with the association: 1. Memorial Hall when not crippled by decrease in membership, is one of the most economical, satisfactory and useful parts of the university. 2. That, with a full membership, it could today supply a better table at from $4.00 to $4.50 than can now be found elsewhere in Cambridge. 3. That, as hundreds of men in college depend on the hall to protect them from the impositions of boarding house keepers, its closing will cause great inconvenience and hardship, since it will be the signal for an immediate rise in prices throughout Cambridge.

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