The New Gen Ed Lottery System, Explained


Armed Individuals Sighted in Harvard Square Arraigned


Harvard Students Form Coalition Supporting Slave Photo Lawsuit's Demands


Police Apprehend Armed Man and Woman in Central Square


107 Faculty Called for Review of Tenure Procedures in Letter to Dean Gay



The sophomore crew has gone into training.

Rosa Bonheur, the celebrated artist, is dangerously ill.

The third junior theme will be due tomorrow in Sever 3, at 2 P. M.

There will be a one hour examination in Philosophy 6 next Friday.

The order of the freshman examinations at Christmas has been posted.

The Queen has made the poet Tennyson a Baron.

On Friday night Vassar celebrated the eighteenth anniversary of its Philalethean Society.

Prof. Brackett, of Princeton, has just taken out a patent for an electrodynamometer.

The price of board at Memorial for the month of November was $4.10 per week.

Professor Lovering will give another lecture on electricity and magnetism today in Harvard 3, at 11 A. M.

The Descent into Hades, from Virgil's AEneid, Book VI, will be read by Mr. Parker this evening in Sever 11, at 7.30.

The Yale crew takes a run of several miles on stormy days in preference to rowing on the hydraulic machines at this season.

Several members of the lacrosse team have signed their names as candidates for the amateur lacrosse twelve which will make a trip to England next summer.

At the meeting of the board of directors of Memorial Hall yesterday, it was voted that hereafter the lamp at the north entrance of the transcept should be lighted.

There has been added to the laboratory of Princeton College a large diffraction grating for stereoscopic work on the sun. The grating was invented by Prof. Roland, of the Johns Hopkins University.

A race has been arranged between Myers, the champion runner, and Frank P. Murray, the champion walker. Myers will attempt to run threequarters of a mile while Murray walks one-half mile.

Mr. Lutz will read Wieland's Oberon for advanced students this evening in Sever 6, at 7.30. The reading will consist of a short synopsis of books one and two in German, and a continuation of books three and four.

We learn from Mr. Robinson that the Princeton faculty will not permit the nine to play the customary exhibition game in Cambridge this year. We are sorry to be compelled to do away with an old established custom, and trust that the faculty will revoke their decision.

During the past week workmen have been engaged in clearing away the debris of the boat-house balconies and in repairing the building. The upper balcony will not be replaced, and the doorways leading to it will be closed. The lower balcony has been rebuilt. Workmen have also been engaged in digging basins in the marsh beside the boat-house, into which, after the water from the river has been let in, the floats will be conveyed for security during the winter.

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