NEW HAVEN, March 16, 1882.

This is a bad time for a letter from Yale, as very little is occurring here now of interest to Harvard men. Athletics, to be sure, is the all-absorbing topic, but it is as yet too early to obtain any definite idea as to what our prospects are for the coming season. As regards the crew, we can hardly say we feel hopeful; having lost three of last year's crew our chances are pretty poor, Geo. Rogers, Collins and Fuller having graduated. There are, however, besides the five of last year's crew in training a number of good men from whom it will be possible to select eight men who will certainly work hard to bring the "blue" ahead at New London next summer. The crew row regularly on the Sound and have not lost a day for some time. Storrs went out for the first time last Tuesday, and made his presence felt in the boat. He will not begin regular training till the first of May. There are now twenty men training for the nine, but Captain Badger will select from these at the end of the week thirteen who will continue training while the others will cease, except those who will comprise the "consolidated." The men practice in two squads, one under Captain Badger and the other under Mr. Platt, 3d base of the University. The schedule of games for April will probably be as follows, though some of the dates are not definitely settled : April 7th and 8th, Metropolitans in New York; 10th, Athletics in Philadelphia; 15th, Alaskas in New Haven; 19th, Athletics in New Haven; 22d, Boston; 26th, Worcester; 29th, Princeton. Yale will be under the disadvantage of having a "green" nine this year, having lost nearly all her "veterans."

The first issue of the News under the new board appeared Monday, and that of the Courant will follow Saturday. The News intends to issue every Wednesday an illustrated supplement, and the prospects are that the experiment will be a success. The present board of editors are energetic and enterprising, and the paper enters upon an auspicous era.

The weather the past few days has interfered greatly with the seniors' games, and though some few started out bravely a fortnight ago with tops and "nigger baby," the cold weather of the past few days has driven them indoors.

The opera of "Penekese" is to take place the last of April, and will doubtless be a great success. Those taking part are now rehearsing several times each week, and are rapidly becoming masters of it. The libretto was written by Mr. Buell, '83, and the music by Prof. Shepherd. The custom of holding class games is to be instituted this spring, and it is hoped that the experiment will prove a success. The spring games will take place at Hamilton Park, either the 3d or 8th of May.

The following-named members of '85 were elected class supper committee last Wednesday : Welles, Doggett, Cutler, Brooks, Bridgeman, Robinson, Richards, Colgate, Vincent, Baird. The rule of the faculty lately abolished which forbade the Glee Club to leave town during termtime has been the means of the club giving a number of concerts this winter. The next concert will be given in Bridgeport on the 22d of this month. Lacrosse is booming among the sophomores. At a meeting of the association last evening the following-named officers were elected : President, Cottle; captain, McDonnell; secretary and treasurer, Oakford. They have obtained a field near the college, and will practice daily.