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The section in English II. has begun Hamlet.

The Dartmouth credits us with 387 freshmen.

The reading room in the library is gradually becoming far better attended.

Wesselhoeft is temporarily disabled and will probably not practice with the foot-ball team for a week or more.

Rev. Brooke Herford preached in Appleton chapel on Sunday evening before a large audience.

A game will probably be arranged with the Technology team for Wednesday afternoon.

On Saturday the 'Varsity will play the Williams College team on Jarvis Field.

The First Senior Forensic will be due on Thursday next, the day after tomorrow.

The latest reports from the injured in the boat house accident, announce that all are rapidly recovering.

The model of the statue of John Harvard, to be placed in the peak of the Delta at Cambridge, is finished. It is necessarily ideal, as no pictures or busts of the subject remain. [Gazette.

The Jefferson Physical Laboratory will probably be entirely roofed over within two weeks, so that work can be done on the interior during the winter months.

A game of foot-ball will be played between two college teams of Yale next Tuesday, representing Farnum and Durfee dormitories. The requisites for candidacy are that every player should be in total ignorance of all rules of foot-ball.

Bremner, '86 who has been playing full back on the Yale foot-ball eleven, injured his shoulder so severely in practice last Thursday as to incapacitate him from playing for some time.

The provisional list of commencement parts is larger this year than last, and there has been a steady increase in the number of men gaining this distinction ever since the adoption of the election system. Unless the rules are changed, we may in time expect to have the whole of each senior class on the list.

In the fall games of the N. Y. Athletic Club. Myers, who announced his intention of breaking his best-on record for the quarter (48 3-5) and the half (1:55 3-5), failed to do so. Though heavily handicapped he won in both, time 49 3-5 and 1:58. F. L. Coolidge, Princeton, was second in the half off the 30 yards mark. Bueckberner threw the 56 pound weight 25ft. 11-2in., thus beating the record, and F. P. Murray walked a mile in the best time on record in the world for amateurs, 6:29 3-5. L. Stearns, Princeton, won a closely contested bicycle race in 6:59 for two miles.

NOTICE.-The dinner to be given to the University crew will take place at Young's Hotel, Friday of this week at 7:30 P.M. The price, $2.50, is reason-able, and a large number of men should put down their names at Bartlett's at once, and not "wait and see who is going." The crew, after their victories last June have a right to expect a well attended dinner, and a warm reception and no flimsy excuses should be given, but every man, who can possibly, should surely be at the dinner. Men can do more towards encouraging the crew by such an attendance than they can in any other way with their two dollars and a half. All wine ordered at this dinner must be paid for on ordering unless private arrangements are made with Mr. Whipple before the dinner. We beg all those who intend to go to the dinner to sign at Bartlett's as soon as possible, and if proper interest in boating is shown, one hundred names should be put down shortly.

T. J. COOLIDGE, '84.R. P. CARROLL, '85, Committee.

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