The la crosse team was out in full force yesterday.

The Glee Club is announced to sing at Salem tonight.

The freshman nine practised on Holmes field yesterday.

A tennis court has been laid out just behind the gymnasium.

A couple of single sculls are offered for sale at the boat house.


French 2 finished the committing to memory exercises yesterday.

There will be four hours of laboratory work in chemistry 1 this week.

Barnes, '85, has been rowing on the freshman crew in place of Yocum.

Some impromptu trap-shooting was indulged in yesterday at the boat-house.

There will be a rehearsal of the Pierian Sodality tomorrow night. A full attendance is requested.

The idlers now blacken the benches on Jarvis field these late sunny days, when the nine is practising.

The "OEdipus Tyrannus" and Plautus' "Captives" are both to be presented this year by the students of Notre Dame College.

The present college postman is a genial fellow, who is rapidly gaining favor by his satisfactory work and obliging manners.

Nothing was decided on at the meeting of the committee for a new song book last evening. There will be another meeting Wednesday at 7 P. M.

Today the assignment of rooms by the bursar takes place. The prizes drawn in this lottery will probably be posted late in the afternoon.