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The performance of "Dido and Aeneas" last evening, by the H. P. C., drew out an immense audience and proved a thorough success. The dance of the Zuni chiefs and the "pas seul" by Dido were especially well received, and the song of "The Model College President" was recognized as containing some home hits; delivered without malice, however. The cast was as follows:

Dido Mr. E. H Pendleton, Jr.

Anna Mr. J. S. Webb.

Tyria Mr. J. E. Weld.


The Pious Aeneas Mr. E. J. Wendell.

The Faithful Achates Mr. H. G. Chapin. Jr.

The B'hoy Ascantus Mr. R. D. Sears.

The Pilot Palinurus Mr. A. Matthews.

The Butler Punicus Mr. Robert Codman.

Juno Mr. W. O. Edmands.

Venus Mr. H. Hardon.

The Father Anchises Mr. F. C. Woodbury.

Chorus by the rest of the company.