Advocate out today.

Dr. A. P. Peabody is at present in Paris.

W. D. Howells leaves for Europe July 22d.

Mr. Casey's classes in vocal music finished yesterday.

The "Law School Book Fund" amounts to over $13,750.


King, '84, has been obliged to leave college on account of sickness.

The postponed examination in History 2 will take place next Tuesday.

Professor H. B. Hill's leave of absence extends six weeks from April 13th.

There will be an important meeting of the Pi Eta Society this evening at 7.30.

The Canada lacrosse sticks furnished by Mr. W. A. Henry give good satisfaction.

B. R. Bulkley of the Divinity School has been chosen pastor of the Unitarian Church of Concord.

Contrary to the general impression, the number trying for the Boylston prizes this year is much larger than usual.

Mr. Hill extended the time for handing in commencement parts which were to count for two forensics until Tuesday.

The section in Greek 2 will not take up the Acharniaus of Aristophanes as intended. They will read instead the Clyclops of Euripides.

Daniel Pratt has added a "quotation" to his repertoire, so he informed his audience in the transept at Memorial yesterday, after they had listened to a poem of doubtful authorship.