‘A Huge Disruption’: Students Testing Positive for COVID-19 Report Confusing HUHS Communication


Local Businesses Fight for Revival of Harvard Square, Gear Up for Winter


DSO Staff Reflect on Fall Semester’s Successes, Planned Improvements for Spring


At Least Five GSAS Departments To Admit No Graduate Students Next Year


UC Passes Legislation to Increase Transparency of Community Council, HUPD



A Latin play is contemplated for next term at Princetown.

The Cornell Sun says there are eight-teen editors on the Harvard daily.

The Amherst Bicycle Club has eighteen members.

The Amherst Olio was issued contrary to the orders of the faculty.

The Yale university crew have had their seats connected with a long iron bar, so as to cause a uniform slide. [News.

Dr. Frankfurten, the well known oriental scholar, has accepted an appointment from the Siamese government.

Advice to Freshmen: Honor thy professor in the days of thy youth, that thou mayest be solid before the senior year. [Ex.

On account of a conflict, the return of the 2nd forensic to sections 3 and 4 of the senior class will be postponed to Feb. 12.

The Amherst faculty allow two days before vacation in which to get home, and the same time after vacation to get back in.

We learn from one of our exchanges that "a large swimming tank will probably be added to the Harvard College gymnasium, which will enable the students to cultivate the useful art."

Seventeen men are in training for the Mott Haven Team. They use the chest weights and run on North avenue every afternoon. More men will begin to train soon.

The third moot court of the year was held yesterday afternoon in Austin Hall. Prof. Gray was judge; Messrs. Storer and Chapman counsel for the plaintiff; Messrs. lane and Wade for defendant.

At the last meeting of the Natural History Society the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, John Codman, '85; secretary, F. Winthrop White, '85; treasurer, G. C. Craigin, '85.

The Middlesex Gun Club will shoot at Watertown this (Thursday). afternoon. Cars every half-hour from Harvare square. Members of the Harvard Shooting Club are invited to attend. Rates for balls and pigeons same as at Walnut Hill.

The examination in Political Economy 1 will be held as follows: The members of the course from Adams to Burnham (inclusive) will find their seats in U. 4; from Carey to Halbert in U. E. R.; from Hamlin to Seavey in Upper Mass.; and from H. Shaw to Young in Lower Mass.

The fourth year of the Harvard Annex has demonstrated that the undertaking may fairly be regarded as no longer an experiment. The success of this form of collegiate education for women is said to be assured. A fund of $67.000, has been obtained by the ladies of the Executive Committee.

"Talking of the wonders of Phrenology," said the enthusiast, "There is L_, whose bumps were analyzed, and his character determined to be a suitable one for a cavalry officer. Well, sir, in a few months time only, that fellow was know fair and wide for his terrible charges. He had bought and was running the College Book Store.

The total number of new books publised in England in 1883 was 4732; the total number of new editions, 1413; the grand total, 6145. This is an increase of 1021, or 20 per cent. over the number for 1882. Even in 1879 the grand total was only 5834. Juveniles come first, theology next. Essays and belles letters have a phenomenal increase of nearly threefold. Education, art, science, law and history have done well, but poetry and the drama have decreased. In new books, the increase in novels is insignificant.

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