A great deal of stealing has been reported as going on in the laboratory lately, a pocket-book with twelve dollars in cash being among the missing articles. The thief has been detected, and no further annoyance will be felt.

The freshmen play St. Mark's in Southboro today, Tuesday, May 2d. Train leaves Boston & Albany depot at 11.05 A. M. Fare each way eighty cents. H. W. MARCH, Manager.

6 Matthews.A pugnacious policeman tried to quell a serenade of Ann Arbor students recently, and now the pugnacious policeman mourns a fine of $6.00 and costs for assault and battery. Still his provocation was great, and many may be inclined to think the punishment too severe.

The reading-room will for the remainder of the term occupy lower Massachusetts. The same lock will be on the door of the new room as is on the door of the present one, and members will be inconvenienced in no way by the change.

R. BURNHAM MOFFAT, For the Committee.After this week there will be no lectures in Chemistry I until the last day before the annuals. There will be two recitations a week, the first division reciting on Thursdays at 3 and Fridays at 12. The second division will recite on Mondays at 12 and Fridays at 3. The subject for recitation this week is Phosphorus. The last lecture in the course will be given May 29th.


The list of events for the spring meeting of the Athletic Association is as follows: Hundred Yards, Half-Mile Run, Running High Jump, Mile Walk, Throwing the Hammer, Quarter-Mile Run, Running Broad Jump, Putting the Shot, Two Hundred and Twenty Yards, Mile Run, Hundred and Twenty Yards Hurdles, and Pole Vault. Efforts are being made to introduce the throwing of the discus.