Mr. Sol Smith Russell will be at the Museum for another week with his "Edgewood Folks." The large audiences seem to be pleased, and that is all that is necessary.

"Lights o' London," the great spectacular drama, is to be revived at the Park this evening, with the same company that have been playing so well "The Banker's Daughter." The scenery is to be carefully attended to in all its details.

The "World" goes on just the same at the Boston, but next Wednesday afternoon it will stay for a few hours in deference to a testimonial tendered Mr. Tompkins, at which the following programme will be presented: "Lady of Lyons," Mr. William Redmund, Fraser Coulter, Mrs. Thos. Barry, and others. "OEdipus Tyrannus," Mr. George Riddle, Miss Rachel Noah. "Virginius," Mr. John McCullough in the title role. Songs, Miss Franklin. "Slasher and Crasher," Messrs. John T. Raymond, D. J. Maguinnis, and others.

At the Globe, the Vokes Family will present for the first time in Boston their new play, "Too, too, Truly Rural," which is said to be very amusing, although possessing nothing very original. It is rather strange, this remarkable success of the Vokes. They sing and dance fairly well, to be sure; but any variety house has artistes who can do as well. Their wit is decidedly weak, breathing throughout of London Punch; but for all this, we have seen people almost split their sides, and permanently contort their faces over one of Fred or "Georgy" Vokes' puns.

This evening the Casino is to open. The Casino is the Mechanics' Institute building transformed into a theatre, jardin mabille, zoological garden, opera house, gymnasium, circus; in fact it is impossible to imagine anything, calculated to contribute to the amusement of mankind, that will not be found in this new elysium. On the opening night Rice's Opera Comique Company will present "Cinderella at School," a charming operetta whose libretto is founded on a Harvard-Yale race. Mr. Rice's company is one unusually well adapted to the production of this kind of entertainment, and embraces some extremely clever actresses.