Cut in Sanskrit yesterday.

Cornell is to have a medical department.

Perkins, of the '82 crew, is trying for the 'Varsity.

Trinity College is to have a professorship of boxing. - [Ex.

Hausen and Fay, it is said, will try for the freshman crew.


Prof. Lovering lectures on "Acoustics at Harvard," at 12 M.

For tutor in Freshman Chemistry and German address 23 Grays.

Mr. Fuller's novel "Forever and a Day," is on sale at Sever's and Amee's.

Professor Lanman attended the meeting of the American Oriental Society yesterday.

Lost - A small bunch of keys. The finder will confer a favor by leaving it at Drury's.

The various college papers still persist in saying that Harvard is going to change her colors.

Prof. Jackson will deliver a lecture on "Spectrum Analysis," this evening at 7.45, in Boylston.

Students are admitted to the University of Michigan upon the presentation of a certificate from any duly appointed preparatory school.

The section in Natural History 8 will make an excursion today to Waverly, to return by Fresh Pond. Next Saturday they will go to Auburndale.

Professor Thayer, in behalf of the law faculty, at the beginning of his recitation yesterday, made some appropriate and feeling remarks upon the death of Mr. Ripley.

Rev. C. F. Thwing, of the class of '76, will address the Society of Christian Brethren this evening at 6.45. The society meets at 18 Stoughton. All are invited.

Professor Palmer will next year have a course in Hegel; the course will be conducted at Prof. Palmer's private apartments, and will contain probably not more than six or eight members. It will be held in the afternoon or evening, as the class may desire, the recitations to be held once a week and to last two hours; it is to be counted, however, as a whole course.

The University Lacrosse Team start today for Princeton. They will probably play tomorrow about noon and return on Saturday. About $60 has been raised toward paying their expenses. The following is a list of the men and their positions: Goal, Eastern; point, Davis; cover-point, Henry; defense fielders, Noble, Sturgis, Ennis and Marquand; centre, Williams (in place of Thorndike); offense field, Coit, Machado, Noyes and Cresey; substitute, Woods.

Several changes have been made in the Elective Pamphlet for next year. Mathematics 5 has been changed from group IV. to group II., and will come in M. W. F., at 10 A. M.; Mathematics 8. from group IV. to group V., M. W. F., 2 P. M.; Greek 5 has been changed from group XII. to XI., Thursday, 2 P. M. Latin 7 still remains in group XII., Thursday, 3 P. M.

FURNITURE. Parlor, chamber, dining-room, library and office furniture. An immense stock in the warerooms of PAINE'S manufactory, 48 Canal street, opposite Boston and Maine depot.