Brown plays Dartmouth today at Hanover.

The song-book committee will meet Wednesday.

Prof. Peabody occupied the chapel pulpit yesterday.

Quite a number of Brown men accompanied their nine.

Meeting of the college faculty this evening at 8 o'clock.

Prof. Paine's next recital will take place Friday evening.

The law faculty meet at the president's house tomorrow evening.

The time for handing in commencement parts has not been extended.

Men with a surplus of chapel cuts are being "'tended to" at the office."

The freshman nine defeated the Newtons Saturday by a score of 34 to 4.

The library was not as much frequented yesterday as it usually is Sundays.

In cricket Saturday Harvard defeated the Zingaris by a score of 112 to 81.

General Walker speaks on "American Manufactures" tomorrow evening at Sever 11.

The list of speakers for the Boylston prizes next Thursday will be posted Tuesday noon.

Professor Goodwin lectures Wednesday evening at Sanders Theatre on "Troy and Mycenae."

A. P. Hodgkins has been appointed orator for commencement day for the Law School by its faculty.