A brilliant lawn tennis tournament is in progress at Hoboken.

The New York State Sportmen's convention assembles at Niagara Falls Monday.

Last Sunday's New York Herald contained a long and very interesting article on black bass fishing.

At the recent Larchmont Yacht Club regatta the pennant winners were the Gracie, Wave, Cornell, Zoe and Truant.


The Exeters defeated the Andovers Thursday in their annual game, 7 to 5. The pitching of Swinton of the Andovers, it is said, was remarkably fine.

Successful racing meetings are now being held at Mystic Park, Medford, Mass.; at Jerome Park, N. Y., and at the grounds of the St. Louis Jockey Club.


W. H. Goodwin, in the spring athletic meeting at Bowdoin Thursday, in the standing broad jump, is reported to have made 10 feet 6 inches, beating the best college record of 10 feet 3 3/8 inches.

The Era states that W. F. Hamp, of Cornell, on May 16th, made a record of 177 1/2 feet in kicking the foot-ball, thus beating the previous best record - that of Gerould of Dartmouth (166 feet.)

A reception to the Hillsdale crew was recently given by the Schuykill navy. An exhibition row was given by the champions, in which their stroke was nearly fifty to the minute. They sail for England today.

There is no better indication of the great popularity of cricket this season in England than a reference to the list of fixtures published in the Field last week. One hundred and ninety-four first class matches are announced to be played during this month, July and August. The list includes inter-county matches, the games of the Australians, Gentlemen vs. Players, the inter-collegiate matches, and those between the large public schools.

The amateur championship games occur at New York today at 3 P. M., on the Polo grounds. Myers, the amateur champion, Wilmer, an ex-champion at short distances, and Brooks, of Yale, will meet in the short runs, and it is thought by the friends of Brooks that he will beat Myers or force him to lower all previous records in the 100 and 220 yards runs. Goodwin, '84, will compete with Myers, Jesurun and Smith in the one-half mile run. Fredericks, the mile champion for the last two years, will find men worthy of his steel, while in the five-mile race, Davies, Bailey, Gifford and Robertson will have to do their best. All the prominent walkers and heavy-weight men are also entered, and several records are likely to be beaten. Twenty different games will be contested.